Welcome to Oriental Nature Care
The goal of us is to work with you and solve your health problems  using  natural way.  With our
over 25 years of experience in acupuncture , massage and herbal medicine, we believe that a
nature approach to health care is the best way to help people to regain their health . Also it is  the
best way to help people to protect their health.
What we do for pains

The special treatment for infertility

Have you under gone two to three IVF          
cycles without success?
Have you been diagnosed with  
"Unexplained Infertility?
Have you been diagnosed with poor egg  
Are your FSH levels too high to undergo an
IVF treatment?
    Employ integrate protocol of acupuncture and herbal medicine, to regulate the hormone level,
    removal of inflammatory product in uterus and rebuild the circles. It is suitable to those infertility
    cases caused by uterus hypoplasia, endometriosis, fatty pelvis and pelvic infections......

    The procedure of our pain management includes applying acupuncture to
    stop pains and follow a therapeutic massage to rebuild body functions.
    Any soft tissue injuries such as  muscular, ligament, tendon, myofascial
    and bursa  lesions  could be considerably improved within a session of
                 Oriental Nature Care
Osteopathic Acupuncture &
     Therapeutic Massage

I originally came to Dr Jia Guo for a sudden bout with neuralgia
in my jaw.  I was in terrible pain and was completely put at
ease by Dr Jia Guo from the very first day.  She was very
knowledgeable and gave me one treatment.  I haven't had any
neurological pain since.  I was very impressed with the results.  
During my second visit we began to talk about the difficulty my
husband and I was having conceiving.  I had previously went to
a acupuncturist in New Jersey for 11 months who specialized
in infertility.  I drank awful tasting herbal teas and got no
results.  I had been to three infertility doctors over that last three
years and was told that everything looked normal for both my
husband and I.  The doctors thought that it could be my
endometriosis raring it's ugly head again eventhough I had no
symptoms to note.  All three advised me to schedule a
laproscopy.  I refused the surgery and decided I would try
acupuncture again but this time with Dr Jia Guo.  I religiously
came to see her for 6 months once a week for treatment.  I
also took my herbal supplements religiously.  My husband also
got a few herbs as well.  Dr Jia Guo was wonderful.  She is a
very good doctor and my treatments always made me feel so
much better.   She takes the time to explain her treatments and
purpose for the herbs she provides. After 6 months of
acupuncture treatment with Dr Jia Guo, I am now 6 weeks
pregnant with my first child.  I am so grateful to Dr Jia Guo for
confirming my suspicions about the necessity of the surgery
my doctors pushed.  As a bonus, the fatigue I suffered with
disappeared, as well as some hair loss I was experiencing.  I
am sure she will be a permanent healthcare provider for me
and my growing family for years to come.  I recommend her all
the time to people I know who are experiencing pain or in
search of alternative to main stream medical treatments.  I am
so happy that I found her.
Jo Ann

Dr Jia Guo was recommended to me by my health insurance. I had
just had a miscarriage and felt I needed help for my body and my
mind to regain some much needed well-being. I turned to
acupuncture and more precisely acupressure in hope I would have a
more natural and smooth medical approach. Right away Dr Jia Guo
made me feel confident and treated my symptoms of stress very
effectively. Less than a month into the treatment I found myself
pregnant again and gave birth to a very healthy baby 9 months later.
I definitely attribute this successful pregnancy to Dr Jia Guo’s
expertise, she made me feel less stressed right away, confident in
my ability to carry a pregnancy and the regular visits I had led me to
the feeling that I was doing the best I could to my body and my mind.
I would absolutely recommend Dr Jia Guo to anybody as I have done
with 3 of my friends already.

M. - Springfield

Hi, Dr Guo,

I'm so happy to tell you that I am pregnant! I had three acupuncture
sessions as a supplement to my fertility treatments in December
2010.  I found out a couple weeks ago that I am pregnant with twins. I
can't believe it.  I don't know how the acupuncture helped, but it did.

Thank you so much for the wonderful care I received at Oriental Acu
Herb Nature Care.

Best Wishes,

Hello, Dr Guo,  Here are some pictures of our little treasure. He was born on
Thursday, August 21 at 7:07pm, he weighed 7 lb. and 6 oz. and measured
20 in.Thank you again for all of your precious help throughout my
pregnancy, you played a big part in my well being.  I will see you soon. Best
regards,  Marie
Bell's Palsy
I was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy.  I’m a pharmacist and I believe in traditional medicine, but
traditional medicine can only do so much for Bell’s palsy. I was given a weeks worth of steroids
and an antiviral medication and saw no improvement.  Having tried acupuncture before I
thought I would try it for this.  I started a week after the diagnosis and continued three times a
week for seven weeks in Dr. Guo's office.  After the first week I started to have more sensation
in that side of my face.  By the seventh week my face was almost normal and I could actually
close my lips fully.  Without acupuncture I don’t know how long it would have taken my face to
return to normal.

I had been suffering from migraine for
more than thirty years. I had one or
more migraine attacks almost every
week. Fortunately, I have been treated
by Dr. Guo since last December in 2007
and have not had migraines for months
that great improved the quality of my
life. Thanks Dr. Guo.

Keep well,
I suffered from really heavy migraines, I
tried imitrex and all the other
prescriptions that were available, they
did help with pain but never prevented
them from happening.

I gave acupuncture a chance,  and
since I have been going to Dr.Guo I  
have never had another episode, the
sessions are incredible, she takes  the
time to carefully do the procedure and if
that isn't good enough  the massages
that follow are even better!.

I have brought my family to her and my
friends  too, she is amazing!

Musi Salerno
Hand Pain

My daughter always talked how wonderful
about Dr Guo and how she helped her  with
her pain, so when i came to the U.S. for a visit I
went to see  Dr Guo because I had a muscle
problem in my hand that never went away.

I could not believe that after all this years of
getting used to live with this pain, it completely
went away after going to Dr Guo.

Now its a must every time I come to visit my
daughter. Dr Guo is really wonderful!

Muscle Pain

For years I suffered with horrible muscle pain. I
visited doctors, pain clinics, physical therapists,
massage therapists and chiropractors. I took
pain medicine for long periods of time and had
epidurals, nerve blocks and other procedures.
After visiting Dr Guo, I felt immediate relief.
After seeing her regularly for a few months, my
pain has subsided and only infrequent. It is so
much nicer living life without pain. Thanks,

Gall bladder pain

I came in for the first time about a year ago with
gall bladder and liver problems.  Through
acupuncture and Chinese herbs for a few
months, I no longer have any of those
problems.  I am so glad to have had this
addressed without surgery or drugs.  Thanks,
Dr. Guo.

Chronic Coughing

last year we got new central air in the house
and after a month my wife and I developed a
really bad cough in our lungs.  We realized that
built up soot in the vents from the old heater
had gotten into our lungs.  Dr.Guo gave me a
tea that worked really well and also
acupuncture and I recovered well from this.  My
wife went to her own doctor and took much
longer to recover.  I was glad to address this
the natural way without drugs. Thanks again,

Foot Pain
This is a perfect oriental nature care
place . I  suffered a very sharp pain
at my sole of foot 6 years ago . Just
only one magical needle cured by  
Dr. Guo at her office and the pain
completely released  after the
treatment . Also I have felt no pain at
all for 6 years . It is unbelievable ! It
is a magic !
Linda J.
Shoulder Pain

6 years ago as a bystander i was injured at
a HS football game. Shoulder pain
cramped in a few weeks later followed by
weeks of sleepless nights. Tried my
regular MD, tons of Advil, altering my gym
workouts- in 4 months nothing worked until
i stumbled upon Jia Guo's practice in a
strip mall in Drexel Hill of all places. With
acupuncture and some homeopathic oils,
heat and massages I was totally back to
normal in about 4 visits. Been fine since
Lower Back Pain

Fast forward to 2014. Lower back aching for 5
months, sometimes to the point of having to do
the old people stand up when getting out of a
chair. Dr. Guo diagnosed this as bursitis due to
age and not uncommon. 1 visit and i feel much
better. She combines acupuncture with heat,
stim and a massage.

This practice is well worth trying. She is a highly
trained natural medical practitioner from China I
Hello Jia Guo:

I am sending you some pictures of our little guy. Please see

Jo Ann M. Lyseight
I got a Bell' palsy in March 2015. Dr. Guo gave me total 8 treatments during Mar 17 - April 18.. The below is the results of  each treatment.